Creative duo

The Creative duo is a collaboration between two friends, Bérengère Despax {BiBi} and Nadège Simard, witnessing the transformation of South East Asia. They met in 2015 in Ho Chi Minh City and began exchanging ideas about their common passion: design and home decoration. Their friendship is forged through mutual admiration for individual creativity. Punk Dragon is the natural result of this collaboration. It takes roots in their ever-growing complicity and a common creative ground.

Patterns, colors & Photography

The strength of this creative duo relies on their complementary talents. BiBi is an urban woman with a keen sense of style allowing her to translate “l’air du temps” into concepts, colors and patterns, while Nadège brings a photographic eye and anthropological approach, the technical and concrete mind of the duo.

From Asia with love

Self-taught, BiBi & Nadège have acquired their knowledge of design and styling concepts through free, unconventional experimentation. Without being hindered by the usual design rules, they have been able to confidently capture the essence and unique style of street life.

Local culture, customs & Heritage

Their motto is: “Take everyday life, inject your own style in it and make it into Art”. 

Artistic educational goal

Punk dragon’s scenographies are for everyone to enjoy: adults, children, people with or without artistic background. No need to have an artistic education to feel the beauty of ordinary, everyday life things. The choice of the exhibition space, the collaboration with schools, the translation into the local language are key elements for the display of our work.