Arty design products

Punk Dragon is exploring the contemporary side of vintage in their designs. The combination of vintage and modern items ignites soul connection and brings up memories of bygone days. The final result often has a surprise element in it. It is as if, in this economic transition time in Asia, they are questioning the “Made in Asia” meaning.

Asian cultural heritage with pop kitsch flavours

Each original creation or pattern aims to shape an urban post-exotic Asian iconography. The idea is to bring in an icon as a starting point, and then build layers around it. It is a way of showing something well known (perhaps traditional) but adding a new perspective by combining it with a vision of the latest trends.

Combining handicraft skill with high tech processes

Living in Vietnam, BiBi and Nadège have built strong ties with family workshops that keep alive traditional and contemporary arts and crafts savoir-faire. It is a way to maintain a generational transmission, as well as demonstrate their high level of expert skills. 

The result shows the original beauty of the little imperfections that come from hand-made objects and a required skill level of the finished details.

Original designs in limited edition

Punk Dragon offers is original designs in limited edition. Each item will retain its exclusivity with a serial number.